Mary Jane's Shoes

Mary Jane's Shoes

Musings of one person among many. Not exceptional in any way, as with all, I have exceptional experiences and varied reactions to those events. Mine is one of many life stories and how I manage and cope with the events which make my life my own, I attempt to put forth by way of my writings.

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Chaos Over Order

June 23, 2016


I once believed life was a constant, vast space, not a continuum of sequential ordered events.  The immediacy of a childhood day was not seen through the lens of time. Events were occurrences, filling the immense space I occupied, seemingly not related to the clock. 

As children we understood. 

Lost was this truthful magic in the midst of our aging; we grew a need for order over chaos. Calendars and clocks took hold of our thoughts.

As children we were wise and brilliant, immediate people. We flourished in the present. I need to unlearn the notion of order; live in the chaos. 

I once believed life was a spatial constant, not a continuum of moments. That belief need return. 

~ With what we fill the space takes precedence over the time we have to fill it. ~

~ Mary Jane Goodman

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