Mary Jane's Shoes

Mary Jane's Shoes

Musings of one person among many. Not exceptional in any way, as with all, I have exceptional experiences and varied reactions to those events. Mine is one of many life stories and how I manage and cope with the events which make my life my own, I attempt to put forth by way of my writings.

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Moving at the Speed of Life

June 13, 2010 , , , , , ,

Too much is happening, and at too quickly of a pace. My grammar may need work to some, but my mindset is as many others. Life seemingly moves more rapidly each day. I guess that means I am having fun, right? Yes, I am. Overall. Of course some days are more busy than others. Some days harbour incidents that test my resolve and I would wish them away if possible.  Then there are those days that allow me to witness a bit of paradise.  The chalk drawings on the driveway, a child’s beautiful graffiti that will eventually be washed away by the rain, is as a piece of performance art that lasts only for a time.  The certainty I, we, can hold to is this constant undulating change.  We move and sway just as branches bend in the wind and return to their staid position only to be moved again by the wind.  Branches have play built into their character; they grow in a way that allows them to withstand stress in one direction and release, lessen the tension in another.  We are built in the same manner.  We can move with the wind, so to speak, and take the good with the not so.  This wind direction can and does change within seconds.  We have to bend and grow with this change.

We live a life that races and contains positives and negatives, and not always by our own design. We have to live with the speed. I have never met a person, outside of many a child that cannot wait to be “bigger”, as witnessed in their pretend grownup play, that does not want to make each minute actually worth more time (or space) than the clock actually reads. (Obviously, horrific times we wish would have never existed and are not ones we want to feel more than we already do.)  Living as we do is never stagnant.  That fact may be difficult to accept; for me it is desperately so.  Goodbyes.  I cannot say goodbye and let a person out of my life.  To meet anyone, talk with said person for a short time such as on a flight, while sharing comments on a performance when seated next to one another, and then to say goodbye is intrinsically sad for me.  To understand I will never know that person again in this lifetime seems unfair.  However, more change, more moving at the speed of life, is a given.  Our time as a part of this universe, in this form, is extremely minimal at best, in relation to all that has existed and will.  We are but one small piece of an everchanging, star-studded universe and we need to accept our place in it and the pace with which it moves into the future.  We are but one piece of the puzzle.

So we take what we are given, our life, our capacity to love, our resolve to weather storms from any direction and we reach for all the good and fun that we can make as we are ushered up this road by the wind.  We cherish the moments that we have with all we meet, as we may never get the chance to smile at them again.  We cannot spin the earth in the opposite direction, so we move at the speed of life holding on to the memories of all we have known, clutching all the joyous laughs and overwhelming tears.  And, we note there is a future we will be blessed to see.

Mother earth will always spin on her axis at the same rate, with very minor fluctuations, and we answer to her.  She rotates and our lives move forward.  Value time for it vanishes at a breakneck pace.  See that each moment stands for something, brings joy and smiles, comfort and strength and a great depth of emotion.  See if you, for yourself,  can do it all with music, and dance with the wind, not against it.

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